Getting pulled over for speeding can be one of the most annoying situations you can find yourself in. Oftentimes, you may be driving at the speed of traffic and get singled out. As a result, you receive a ticket, and everyone else going the same speed as you are already miles down the highway. In some situations, you may not have been speeding intentionally. The long desert highways in Barstow can make it very easy for your mind to drift off without noticing the increase in your speed. Getting a ticketspeeding will lead to getting pulled over in Barstow for speeding will not only result in less money in your pocket but also add points to your driving record. Acquiring too many points on your record can result in a suspension of your license. Yes, there are options to prevent points from being added to your record once you receive a speeding ticket, but the best way to prevent a ticket is to not get caught speeding in the first place. Remember, driving with the flow of traffic, if above the posted speed limit, is no defense to a speeding citation.


Here are 3 techniques that you can use to avoid a speeding ticket:

Use Cruise Control

If you have a cruise control option, then it is a good idea to use it. This will allow you to set and control how fast you travel while maintaining a safe and legal speed. If you are worried about losing track of how fast you are going while commuting on the long desert roads of Barstow, then cruise control can be an option for you. 

 Pay Attention

If you are someone who does not like using cruise control, it is important that you pay attention to not only your speed but your surrounding areas. If you consistently check your speed as you travel down the highways in Barstow, you can make certain that you will not get pulled over by driving at the limit posted. If you are someone who likes to push the boundaries of traveling between that 5-10 mph over the limit you may be able to limit your chance of getting a ticket by keeping your eyes down the road. You may be able to spot a speed trap before you get noticed on the radar. By looking ahead, you may also be able to spot any potential hazards which can increase your safety 

Think about the ticket

Another way to avoid a speeding trap is to think about the possible penalties that can result from getting caught speeding. Realizing the penalties may give you an incentive to maintain a proper speed. Some jobs require a perfect driving record, and a possible ticket can result in not only a fine but also losing your job if you’re cited while driving a commercial vehicle. If you have been pulled over for speeding in the past your fine may be increased and could result in increased insurance rates.


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