I Missed My Court Date For A Speeding Ticket, Now What?

Getting pulled over for speeding can be a daunting experience, and the thought of having to go to court may make it even more intimidating. But what happens if you miss your court date? First of all, don’t panic. 

If you have already received the official notice of your court date and missed it, then you are most likely facing a warrant for your arrest. In addition, you may also be accused of committing the distinct offense of failure to appear (FTA) as defined by California Penal Code Sections 1320 and 1320.5.

As a result, it is probable that you will be apprehended by law enforcement and detained until your subsequent court hearing. If found guilty of failing to appear in court, the potential penalties include a maximum jail term of up to 364 days and a fine of $1,000.

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How an Attorney Can Help

A defense attorney can be your best ally when you’ve missed a court date for a speeding ticket in California. They not only have thorough knowledge of the legal system, but they also have the ability to maneuver through its complexities on your behalf. An experienced attorney can negotiate with the courts to lift or lessen the severity of the arrest warrant, strategize to reschedule your missed court date, and even work out a payment plan to help manage any outstanding fines. Additionally, they can help you build a solid case, perhaps highlighting reasons for your absence or questioning the validity of the speeding ticket itself. Therefore, enlisting the help of a defense attorney can provide you with the best possible outcome in such a predicament.

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