I received a speeding ticket. Do I have to appear in court?

Yes, if your citation or courtesy notice indicates the appearance is mandatory. Or you can hire an attorney from Wallin & Klarich to appear for you.


I was traveling with the flow of traffic. Why did I get pulled over?

Many people try to use that excuse in court to no avail. Think about it, if everyone is driving at 90mph, the officer can only pull over one person at a time. This time it happened to be you.


What happens if I show up to court and the officer does not?

If the officer does not show up to court, your case gets dismissed. However, if the officer contacts the court prior to the court date and provides a valid excuse, the judge will continue the case to a later date when the officer is available. 


My citation says that my speed was determined by aircraft. Does the officer in the aircraft have to show up to court with the officer that wrote me the ticket?

Yes, both officers must appear and testify. If one does not show up, then the case should be dismissed.


What does a traffic trial in Barstow consist of?

Wallin & Klarich Criminal Defense Attorneys Traffic Barstow FAQ

The trial begins with the judge calling your case. At that time, you and the officer that cited you go up to the table in front of the judge. The judge tells the officer it is his burden to prove that you are guilty of what he is accusing you of, so the officer testifies first. Once the officer is done testifying, the judge asks you if you have any questions for the officer. After you ask the questions, the judge asks if you would like to make a statement or admit any evidence. After you are done making your statement, the judge considers what the officer said, what you said and any evidence you presented. If the judge finds the officer’s testimony to be credible and that the officer proved you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then you are found guilty.

During a traffic trial, there are many rules an officer has to follow during his testimony. He/she is required to testify to certain facts by law. If the officer does not follow those rules, the case can be dismissed. Wallin & Klarich attorneys know what those rules and facts are, and we can spot the mistakes when they happen and request a dismissal.


If I am found to be guilty and hit with a large fine, does the court offer payment plans?

Yes, if you request a payment plan from the judge, he will ask you how much you can pay per month and give you a payment plan.


Will I be able to attend traffic school?

If you have not attended traffic school in the past 18 months you will be eligible for traffic school. However, if you received a citation for driving at a high speed the court may deny your request. 


Why should I hire Wallin and Klarich to defend me when I am facing a  traffic ticket matter in the Barstow Superior Court?

Wallin & Klarich has been handling these types of matters in the Barstow Courthouse for more than 38 years. We know the judges and the policies within the local court, and we can use this knowledge to help you work to obtain the best result possible in your case.


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