Driving Over 100 MPH in Needles

When you’re traveling along an expansive freeway, the temptation to speed might arise. However, not only does this pose a risk to your safety, but it could also lead to potential legal complications. Law enforcement officers frequently position themselves along expansive freeway sections, just beyond drivers’ field of vision, ready to apprehend those exceeding the speed limit. If you find yourself caught driving at speeds exceeding 100 MPH in Needles, CA, you could be confronted with significant repercussions. Therefore, it’s advisable to promptly reach out to a skilled traffic lawyer at Wallin & Klarich to assist you in contesting your speeding infraction

Exceeding 100 MPH (VC Section 22348(b))

 As per California Vehicle Code Section 22348(b), an individual operating a vehicle on a highway at a speed surpassing 100 MPH is deemed to have committed an infraction. Despite infractions typically being categorized as minor offenses, driving in excess of 100 MPH stands as one of the gravest traffic transgressions, carrying commensurate penalties.

Ramifications for Excessive Speed in Needles

The consequences for violating VC Section 22348(b) are contingent on your driving history, and they are outlined below:

  • First Conviction: A potential fine of up to $500 and a potential license suspension lasting up to 30 days.
  • Second Conviction within 3 Years of a Prior Conviction: A potential fine of up to $750 and a potential license suspension lasting up to 6 months.
  • Third or Subsequent Conviction within 5 Years of Two or More Prior Convictions: A potential fine of up to $1,000 and a potential license suspension lasting up to 1 year.

Furthermore, driving at speeds exceeding 100 MPH will result in the addition of two points to your driver’s license by the DMV. This aspect is of significance because accumulating a certain number of points might lead to the revocation of your driving privileges. Additionally, a higher count of points on your driving record will lead to elevated insurance premiums for a period spanning from 3 to 5 years.

Is My Presence Required in Needles Court? 

In conjunction with fines and license suspension, a breach of VC Section 22348(b) mandates a compulsory court appearance. While many traffic violations necessitate a court appearance only if contesting the citation is intended, exceeding 100 MPH is considered a more serious offense, thereby mandating a court appearance regardless of your intention to challenge the citation. This implies that you might need to take time off from your commitments, make your way to the Needles Courthouse, and allocate a full day until your case is addressed.

Fortunately, legal representation can be enlisted to stand on your behalf. By securing the services of an attorney, you can circumvent the need to personally attend court proceedings, thereby sparing yourself inconvenience and time wastage. Proficient traffic attorneys are well-versed in effective legal defenses that can lead to the dismissal or reduction of your citation to a lesser offense. Moreover, our team at Wallin & Klarich holds the added advantage of being acquainted with local prosecutors and judges. As a client, you’ll undoubtedly leverage our extensive resources and expertise.

Do I Qualify for Traffic School? 

Traffic school is generally sanctioned for minor traffic infractions. Regrettably, individuals charged with exceeding 100 MPH on the freeway are ineligible for traffic school. This is due to California courts excluding traffic school as an alternate sentence for offenses mandating a court appearance. Consequently, if found guilty, points will be added to your driving record, and these cannot be expunged through participation in traffic school.

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